• Ruby
  • Jekyll
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  • VS Code
  • Linux


This project is the site you are currently using; it’s purpose is to host my blog, portfolio, and resume.

In 2017, I had decided that I would host a blog and portfolio site. My first instinct was to pay for a VPS so I could maintain full control over the backend. That was until I realized I didn’t want to spend $5-$10 a month on hosting. My next thought was to use GitHub Pages, as it’s free and maintainable just by pushing commits to a repository. This means I had to use a Static Site Generator, after researching different ones that might be a good fit I landed on Pelican, mostly because I wanted to use python. After getting it setup and working I really didn’t have any qualms with it, except that I had to manually render it on a dev branch, copy the file to a separate directory, switch to my master branch, and finally push it all up. This wasn’t terrible at first, but soon it became annoying. This lead me to stop blogging and eventually I ended up abandoning the site.

In the beginning of November 2019 I was looking for new career opportunities, and this lead me to rewrite my website. The theme was terrible, the markdown converter was hot garbage, and everything was extremely disorganized. I tried to save the original site, but there was so much to relearn about Pelican that I just didn’t want to spend my time on. I found out that GitHub Pages natively supports Jekyll, and having never previously worked with Ruby or Jekyll, I decided to give it a try. I was deeply inclined to find an easy to read theme after how my last site turned out. I ended up settling on jekyll-theme-console as the base theme for this site, even though it was missing a few pages I wanted: about me (home), blog, portfolio, and resume. I decided I’d dive in and start implementing new features and pages that were missing.

To my surprise, Jekyll and Ruby were really easy to pickup and learn. I started updating the site on Nov 5, 2019 and as I write this it’s Nov 8, 2019. It took me a full three evenings to write everything you see. Don’t believe me? Checkout my git history: start now.

Initial issues with the theme:

Modifications to the theme based on my personal taste and criteria: